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3D printing material

3D printing materials for dental application. Schouten dental supplies a wide range of 3D printing resins for digital production with 3D printers. The materials come from various manufacturers such as Detax, Asiga Pro3Dure, Keystone, Saremco, GC and other suppliers.

The printing fluids are used for the production of models, splints, K + B, prostheses, IBT, tray, drilling jigs and other applications. We have the .ini file for these liquids for printing with Asiga’s 3D printers.

If you have any questions about these printing fluids or about 3D printing, please contact us.

Printmaterialen overview

Schouten Dental | sgdentalshop.com supplies a very wide range of dental 3d print materials throughout Europe.

Fast delivery times throughout Europe with the printing liquids of the following brands:

  • Asiga
  • Detax
  • Pro3dure
  • Keystone industries
  • GC
  • Saremco

The choice of materials for every application is wide. Due to the above brands, there is a wide choice for the digital production of models (such as study models, fitting models, implant models, stump models), splints, prosthesis base, temporary and permanent facilities, spoons, K + B, indirect bonding IB tray and ortho.

Many materials have medical class I or IIa certifications and all ISO, NEN and MDR.

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