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Pro3Dure Printodent GR-17 Temporary C+B

De Printodent GR-17.1 Temporary is an bio-compatibeel printresin developed by Pro3dure for the production of temporary crowns and bridge (≤ 4 unit bridge). The material has convincing mechanical properties compared to conventional temporary materials with E-Modulus > 4500 MPa (according to ISO 10477: 2003). Printodent GR-17 provisionals can be fixed with common temporary cements.

Schouten Dental delivers the print resin in 500 % 1000 grams bottles.

Packagin of the Pro3dure Printodent GR-17.1 Temporary is 1 kg.

Merk: Pro3dure Printodent
Verpakking: 500 GR & 1.000 gram (910 ml)
Toepassing: Temorary cronws and bridge
Lichtbron: 385 nm UV & 405 nm



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