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White model resin, Asiga PlasWhite

Asiga’s PlasWhite is a 3D printing fluid for the production of white plastic parts, including white study models. The Asiga PLasWhite is very suitable for printing with layer thicknesses up to 10 microns. The name gives away the white and matt color of the material.

The Asiga PlasWhite can be used on printers with a light source of 405 nm.

Packaging: 1 liter

Colour: White
Teneile strength: 51.1 Mpa
Elongation at break: 6.58%
Elongation at Yield: 8.40%
Flexural Strength: 86.8 MPa
Flexural Modules: 1910 MPa
Hardness Shore D: 82 Shore D.
Viscosity: 343 mPa s
Glass Transition Temp .: 84 ° C
Izod Notched Impact: 4.97 kJ / m²
Density: 1.181 g / cm³

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