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SG Dental offers various duplicating materials for the processing of dental impressions. A wide range of molding silicones (also for siladent duplication technique), addition and condensation moldable silicone putties, alginate impression material and reusable duplicating gel.

The proven and very popular silicone knead masse, SG Putty 85, SG Putty 95, SG Labor 85 and our Dentalsil double silicone are standard available in small and large packaging directly from stock.

The SG putty series with the SG putty in hardnesses 75, 85 and 95 and the SG labor 85, the SG series has a wide choice. Available as standard in 3 hardnesses and small packaging sets, 2 kg and 10 kg. The SG labor is available in 1 kg, with 1 tube, 5 kg with 2 tubes and 25 kg with 10 tubes of 60 ml.

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