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Detax Freeprint Splintmaster Taff & Flex

The Detax Freeprint Splintmaster taff & flex is a UV-curing 3D printing liquid for the digital production of splints with extremely high impact resistance. The printed splints are robust, durable without becoming brittle with long-term stability.

The Detax Splintmaster have a high elastic recovery which means they always return to their original shape. The Splintmaster is aimed at a comfortable carrying capacity through adapted features and tension-free wearing comfort, making it easy to take in and out.

The Splintmaster taff & flex from Detax is a clear transparent splint material that is odorless and tasteless and is also free of MMS, THF-MA and TPO.

Applications: high end splints, night guards,
Brand: Detax
Color: helder transparant
Contents: 1.000 gram

Item no. Taff: 04433
Item no. Flex: 04432


Available for 3D printers:Asiga Max & Pro 4K 385, Rapidshape D20+, D30+ en D40+


Clean the parts with isopropyl alcohol (purity ≥ 98 %) for 3 minutes. Then thoroughly clean the openings,
cavities and gap areas with compressed air.
The main cleaning is performed in a seperate vessel with fresh isopropyl alcohol (purity ≥ 98 %) for
3 minutes. Prior to post-exposure, check the openings, cavities and gap areas for residues. Then blow off
with compressed air.

Post curing: NK Optik Otoflash G171 & Rapidshape RS cure

NK Optik Otoflash G171:  3 x 2000 flashes under inert gas, turnaround components after 2000 flashes
Use the following settings: DETAX Freeprint-splintmaster-taff; DETAX Freeprint-splintmaster-flex


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