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KeySplint Soft, Keystone – CLEAR

The Keyprint KeySplint soft from Keystone is a unique and patented 3D printing resin developed for the digital production of flexible splints, splints, night guards and mouth guards. Keysplint soft CLEAR variant, previously only for the Carbon printers, is an optimized resin exceptional material with flexibility and strength with a transparent and crystal clear variant. The Keysplint soft has an optimized .ini file for quality prints with printers such as Asiga Max and Asiga Pro4K 3D printers, but also printers such as the Carbon and Rapid Shape D20+, D30+, D20II, D30II,
D40II (385nm). The optimized .ini file is created with exceptional settings for the generation of support structures. The supports are easy to release without too much after treatment. The printed Keysplint models are easy to finish for a beautiful end result.

Keysplint soft from Keystone is available for printers with 385 & 405 light sources!

Also available as Keysplint Hard and KeySplint Soft Transparent (light blue glow).

Colour: CLEAR

Lightsource: 385 nm UV / 405 nm
Packaging: 1000 gram / 500 grams
Brand: Keystone
Application: splints, nachtspalken, gebitbeschermers
Application: Dental
Printers: voor printers zoals Asiga, Rapidshape en Carbon
Medical certification: Class IIa




KeySplint Soft by Keystone Industries


KeySplint Soft Polishing Protocol

Get the best results with the Keysplint Soft Polishing Protocol. In the different steps you can see how to remove support and the various polishing strategies with pumice stone paste.

KeySplint Soft Polishing Protocol

Asiga PRO4K Keysplint Soft

All our KeyPrint 3D resins such as the KeyPrint KeySplint Soft are also validated for the Asiga PRO 4K 3D printers for dental! The volume, speed and reliability that users get with an Asiga PRO 4K fits well with these KeyPrint 3d fluids.

Volume + Speed + Reliability = Asiga PRO 4K80 UV
20 splints in 2 hours! Splints 3D printed with KeySplint Soft.


Asiga PRO4K Keysplint Soft


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