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SG Dental shop is a Schouten Dental web shop. Schouten Dental has specialized in the supply of mold and casting materials and systems for the dental sector since 1937. Schouten Dental introduced dental impression plaster in 1937 and from that time developed various class 1 to 5 quality plasters.

Schouten Dental and SG Dental shop has now developed into a full service dental supplier specializing in many molding and casting materials, special products and related items. Dental plaster is still one of the most important dental products. Schouten Dental offers various own brands of plaster and brands of well-known plaster manufacturers. In addition to plasters, there are also impression materials such as silicone materials, putty products and various liquids such as separation liquids, cleaning products, polishes and other important related products and liquids.

Schouten Dental is part of the Schouten Group and has several divisions with specialized products and services for medical, dental and industrial applications.

Schouten Dental is a division of Schouten Group, which has been a family business since 1937. Schouten Group has grown with a wide range of impression and molding materials and systems for many sectors such as dental, medical & healthcare, prototyping, engineering, industry, concrete industry and more.

With daily distribution from parcels to full loads, we distribute daily from the Netherlands in the BeNeLux, Europe and worldwide. In collaboration with customers and partners, materials are developed that can be used for specific applications. SG Dental shop is an online web shop, which means that it can quickly anticipate small and large demand for materials that can be ordered on account or paid directly as desired. In addition to the articles on the website, we have a number of articles in our range or we can also offer customized solutions. The customer service of the SG Dental Shop is available for any questions and technical questions, support but also requests or alternative products.

Schouten Group has a very wide range of silicone and polyurethane rubbers and resins with the Syntec division. Syntec supplies a wide range of 3D printing materials, 3D printers, rubbers, resins, foams and other special products for a variety of industries.

Blueshape 3D is a division within the Schouten Group that specializes in services and products within the molding process for various industries. A piece of knowledge and advice, possible production and delivery of models, molds, 3D systems can be obtained via Blueshape 3D. Schouten R&D is also active within the Blueshape 3D division and looks at the demand and possibilities of customers.

If you have any questions about Dental or other divisions of Schouten Group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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