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Pro3Dure GR-15 Gingiva – gingival mask

The Pro3dure Printodent GR-15 Gingiva is a printing material that is used for the production of flexible gum masks using 3D printing. The natural look and feel, a natural looking gum color combined with gum-like flexibility, makes optimal dental work possible given the “red and white aesthetics”. Pro3dure Printodent Gr-15 Gingiva is the perfect complement to models created with the Gr-13 Model to fabricate implant models based on biometric data. Schouten can supply this resin in aluminum bottles with a capacity of 500 gram and 1 kilogram.

Packaging: 500 gram, 1000 grams
Available color:
Application: Flexible gingival mask
Brand: Pro3dure

Elongation at break(DIN 53505): 90%
Tensile Strength(DIN 53505): 5 MPa
Shorer Hardness(ISO 7619-1): 60 A
Viscosity(DIN 53019-1): 2.5 Pa.s

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