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SuperCAST X, Asiga cast resin

The Asiga SuperCAST X is a newly and improved developed 3D printing fluid for printing casting patterns for the residual combustible casting technique. The surface is silky smooth at 50 microns and can be cast with a normal wax burnout schedule. The viscosity of this resin is very low, which ensures easy and accurate printing and after cleaning. Two quick IPA baths and a quick post cure and immediately ready for embedding.

The main features of the SuperCAST X:

  • Super beautiful green color
  • Super clear detail definition
  • Super smooth surfaces
  • Super fast printing
  • Super clean burn-out combustion
  • Super reliable casting results
  • Great reviews from SupercAst X users around the world

Packaging: 500 grams & 1 kg
Light source: 385nm UV & 405nm
Brand: Asiga



Asiga SuperCAST X



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