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KeyCast, Keystone casting resin

The KeyCast from Keystone is a residue-free combustible 3D printing fluid for the digital production of cast patterns such as frames. The KeyCast is compatible with rapid burnout and gradual temperature rise workflows, and burnout without residue. The Keystone KeyCast is used with chrome, cobalt, gold and silver. The low shrinkage formula controls thermal expansion to achieve pore-free and accurate castings.

Flexural Strength (MPa) ASTM D790 15
Flexural Modulus (MPa) ASTM D790 340
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 9.1
Young’s Modulus (MPa) ASTM D638 220
Elongation at Break % ASTM D638 16%
CTE 0-150˚C (32-302˚F) ASTM E831 168 x 10-6m/(m.˚C)
CTE 150-250˚C (302-482˚F) ASTM E831 64 x 10-6m/(m.˚C)
CTE >250˚C (>482˚F) ASTM E831 <0m/(m.˚C)
Shrinkage ASTM D792 <2%
Burnout <0.05%

Packaging: 500 gram & 1000 gram
Lightsource: 385 UV en 405 nm
Farbe: paars
Brand: Keystone Keyprint KeyCast

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