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DentaSTUDY, Asiga study model resin

The AsigaSTUDY is a 3D print based on the verification of dental diagnoses and study models. Deze witte model print vloeistof is “parel wit” en zeer accuraat in print kwaliteit. The DentaStudy is used for het maken van various tandheel-knowledgeable models with printers, the voorzien zijn van een 385nm UV and 405nm light bronze.

Packaging: 1 liter bottle
Lichtbron: 385 nm UV, 405 nm (Asiga Printer models)
Kleur: Wit (parel wit)
Merk: Asiga
Toepassing: models

* Asiga DentaSTUDY can be used on other printers but not until now. Bekijk alvorens goed of u de installation can be adapted in the software package of uw printer.



Asiga DentaMODEL with precise fitting removable dies.

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