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Flexible soft tissue, Detax Freeprint® Gingiva 3D print resin

Light-curing 3D resin for manufacturing dental flexible soft tissue with a 385 UV 3D printer. The Freeprint Gingiva has a high elasticity, tear resistance and excellent dimensional stability. The Gingiva does not shrink even if it has been stored for some time.

The Freeprint Gingiva is a 3D resin for the digital production of dental flexible soft tissue products. The Freeprint Gingiva is available for all LED / UV printers with a light spectrum of 385 UV (378-388) nm such as DLP and SLA systems. The Freeprint gingiva is very precise in detail.

The Freeprint Model is available in a 1 KG bottle.

Brand: Detax
Light source: 385 nm UV
Application: Gingiva Maskers
Packaging: 0,5 kg , 1 kg fles



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