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Asiga PlasGRAY

Asiga’s PlasGRAY is a print resin with excellent surface roughness and temperature resistance. These properties are well reflected in the production of vacuum aligners, mouth protectors and other tools. Also, the restorative models printed with this liquid show precision and accuracy. suitable for printing with layer thicknesses up to 10 microns. The name betrays the gray and matt color of the material. Applicable on printers with a light source of both 385nm and 405nm.

SG Dental shop levert de printhars PlasGRAY in flessen van 1 liter.

Brand: Asiga
Packaging: 1 litre bottle
Lichtsource: 405 nm
Color: Gray
Applications: Models

Tensile strength: 51.1 Mpa
Extension at break: 6.58%
Extension at the yield: 8.40%
Flexural strength: 86.8 MPa
Flexural modulus: 1910 MPa
Hardness (Shore D): 82 Shore D.
Viscosity: 343 mPa s
Glass transition temperature: 84 ° C
Izod notched impact: 4.97 kJ / m²
Density: 1,181 g / cm³


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