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Dental plaster

Our main dental plaster is divided into the five classes with the corresponding packaging, colors and article numbers. For additional information and properties about these products, download or consult our plaster overview.

We supply all kinds of quality plaster requested in the laboratory, including articulator plaster, model plaster, dentist plaster, model hard plaster and super hard plaster in a wide variety of colors and hardnesses. We only use the highest quality natural raw materials and for the synthetic plaster we use the quality of the food industry. In principle, we do not use basic raw materials from flue gas desulphurisation. All dental plaster are produced in accordance with EN ISO 6873 regulations and are subject to strict quality controls.

Which plaster classes are there?

The choice of which class of plaster to use depends on the model manufacture. We supply class I to class V plaster for various applications.

Plaster class I: Impression plaster, article plaster, quick repairs, plaster casts.
Plaster Class II: Investment plaster (cuvette plaster).
Plaster class III: Denture and counterbite models, embedding orthodontics and study models.
Plaster class IV: Orthodontics and study models, final models, counterbite models, prosthetic models, framework All ceramic and metal technology, crown and bridge work, sprockets, loose stubs, etc., CAD / CAM systems.
Plaster class V: Super hard plaster, with a high expansion for a special dental technique.

All our plasters are available directly from stock in small numbers as well as in full pallet shipments and are distributed daily throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Europe. You can order our products in small, large and loose packaging.

A wide choice of different colors, processing times and setting times, hardnesses, packaging, expansion and for every application.

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