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Freeprint®model 2.0 3D print resin for dental models

The Freeprint model is a light-curing 3D resin for manufacturing dental orthodontic models, first working models, mother models, dental models, model production, situation and fitting models with 3D printer.

The Freeprint Model 2.0 is available for all LED / UV printers with a light spectrum of 385 UV (378-388 nm) such as DLP and SLA systems. The Freeprint model 2.0 is very precise in rendering details, maximum surface hardness and dimensional stability. The construction of the model with maximum precision, the look & feel and stability meet the high requirements for the production of the dental models.

Freeprint Model 2.0 is a material that is comparable to our plaster models which is very easy to clean thanks to the pore-free surface with optimal edge strength and the material is moisture resistant. The color is very stable and opaque, providing better and optimal optical detection of the surface structure for making workpieces.

The Freeprint Model 2.0 is available in the colors: ivory, gray, light gray, white, caramel and sand colored in a 1,000 gram bottle.

Packaging: 1 kg fles
Lightsource: 385 nm UV, 405 nm
Color: ivoor, grijs, licht grijs, wit, caramel en zand kleur
Brand: Detax
Applications: Dental Models



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