Asiga Tips

This post provides an overview of some user tips for Asiga Composer, use of Asiga 3D printers and printing materials. This post is regularly updated with new tips. Asiga Composer Tips Change color Within Asiga Composer, parts of the working field or objects are displayed in different colors. These colors can be changed according to […]

Print dental applications with Asiga 3D printers

The 3D printers from Asiga such as the Asiga Max, Max X and Pro 4K are very flexible in making choices for a print job in biocompatible or a lab resin through the “open material” system. The choice for a specific application to be printed or the choice for a specific brand of liquid based […]

3D printing with Asiga Pro 4K at Race Dental

3D printing is part of a primary productie process for vele toepassingen for dental, medical, industrial and audiological purposes. In the middle, the technology is omarmd en can men niet Meer zonder deze techniek in various organizations. Consistentie van de output, snelheid en kwaliteit van de print materials en models zijn noodzakelijk om de continuïteit […]

Interdent Scherpenzeel also prints for third parties with the Asiga Pro 4K.

Interdent Tandtechniek Scherpenzeel has also been working with the professional 3d printer  Asiga Pro 4K since this summer. his large format printer with high accuracy ensures rapid production of large numbers of models, implant models, stump models, splints and prostheses at Interdent. Interdent Dental Technology is a modern laboratory specialized in crown & bridge work, […]

Temporary crowns & bridges: Digital or conventional?

Temporary crowns and bridges: digital or conventional? What is your favorite? We provide the perfect K&B material! We offer multiple products for digital products such as the cad / cam and 3D print products. Below we highlight a number of 3D liquids for these temporary crowns and bridges. Freeprint® temp – premium 3D resin or […]

Asiga Pro 4K dental 3D printer for production.

Continuity, accuracy, repeatability and material flexibility are the core values for the development of the Asiga 3D printers. These are no different in the development of the Asiga Pro 4K . The Asiga PRO 4K is built with the same technology as the very popular and proven Asiga Max  but with a much larger production output […]

KeySplint Soft validated for the Asiga Pro 4K printers now.

KeyPrint 3D printing fluid materials such as the KeySplint Soft KeyPrint 3D printing fluid materials such as the Asiga Pro 4K systems. The Asiga Pro 4K printers have a large surface and print very quickly. The volume, speed and reliability that users get with an Asiga PRO 4K matches the KeyPrint 3D resins well. Other printers […]

Smart Positioning Technology (SPS) – Asiga 3D printers

The Asiga 3D printers are known for their easy integration within dental digitization, the open material system and also the layer stability through the unique SPS, Smart Positioning Technology. In this message we briefly explain what this unique but also very important technique means. The Smart Positioning System (SPS) has been developed with various position […]

Do you also have consistent results with your 3D printer?

Did you know: 3D printed parts are produced layer by layer. An important factor in achieving production consistency and repeatable accuracy is ensuring that each layer is formed at the correct thickness. This has to be done layer by layer Asiga’s SPS ™ -technology (Smart Positioning System) ddetects the actual position of the build platform […]

Some examples of placing Asiga 3D printers with customers.

We regularly receive questions from various people about who or what kind of companies use 3D printers or for which application area the printers are used. Schouten Dental has been on the market for a long time with these 3D techniques within the dental sector. Through this message we give some examples of customers who […]

KeySplint Soft available in the Netherlands now by Schouten Dental /

Schouten Dental has been supplying 3D printers in dentistry for several applications for years. There are  several 3D printers such as the Asiga Max and Asiga Pro 4K at different companies in this sector already. Schouten Dental has installed several 3D printers, such as the Asiga Max and Pro4K and provided training at various dentrue […]

BTL receives the first Asiga Pro4K!

The first Asiga Pro4K has now been delivered in the BeNeLux.  Barnevelds Tandtechnisch Laboratorium BV (BTL) was one of the first Asiga Pro4K 3D printers in Europe to receive. The Asiga Pro 4K is an extension at BTL in addition to the Asiga Max with which the dental models have been printed for a long […]