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Asiga DentaGUIDE, surgical guide

Asiga DentaGUIDE is the biocampatible printing fluid for the digital manufacture of drilling templates of the Asiga brand. The Dentaguide for drilling templates and thus surgical guides is a hard and clear printing fluid suitable for the autoclave. The DentaGUIDE is optimized for the 3D printers with the 385 nm (UV) light source, allowing freedom of design for the accurate placement of the implants. It can also be used to prepare templates for gingiva optimization and bone reduction.

  • Packaging: bottle 1 kg
  • Application: Surgical Molds (iimplantology), Gingivectomy / Bone Reduction
  • Surgical Molds / guides
  • Certified: Class I, medical
  • Color: Clear transparent
  • Sterilizable via autoclave at 121 degrees Celsius
  • Printer Compatibility: 385nm 3D Printers
  • Production certificate: Manufactured by Asiga under ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Biocompatible certification: Class I
  • Approved Regions: MDR, UKCA, TGA, Health Canada

Instruction for use:  Instruction for use

Post processing:

IPA 98%+  /  Always use a clean bath and not in combination. with other printing fluids.
Bath 1: 10 minutes
Bath 2: 5 minutes

To dry:
After washing, treat with air and make sure that the excess liquids are removed. Then let it dry for 30 minutes. Make sure it is completely free of residue print resin and alcohol.

2000 flashes with the Otoflash G171
Let it cool down for 5 minutes
Then 4 x 2000 flashes with the G171 otoflash
Place the drilling template in the Otoflash directly on the mesh and not in the supplied trays.

After curing, soak the DentaGUIDE parts in fresh drinking water for 60 minutes.

DentaGUIDE parts can optionally be autoclaved after curing at 121 degrees Celsius.


How to design & manufacture a surgical guide with Asiga


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