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Pro3Dure Printodent GR-14 Denture

Printodent GR-14.1 Denture is a biocompatible print resin developed by Pro3dure especially for the manufacture of denture bases. The material meets all dental requirements according to ISO20795-1: 2013. You can think of, among other things, the water absorption (<25μg mm-2) and water solubility (<4μg mm-2). A high accuracy of the fit is guaranteed due to the low shrinkage (about <1%) compared to traditional PMMA based materials. Schouten Dental supplies you with this resin per kilogram in aluminum bottles.

The printing fluids from Pro3dure work on any 3d printer with a light source ≤405 nm. So an Asiga 385 nm and 405 nm are very suitable.

NEW! Production of complete dentures based on pro3dures´s GR-14.1 denture in combination with VITA VIONIC VIGO® – digital dental solution. Now available!

Flexural strength:> 75 MPa ISO 20795/80 MPa ISO 178
Flex modules:> 1500 MPa ISO 20795/2000 MPa ISO 178
Break at elongation: 8%
Color stability (CieLAB * dE):> 2.5 (ISO 178)
Solubility:> 1.6 µg mm-3
Water absorption:> 32 µg mm-3
Shore D hardness: 85
Viscosity: 0.5 Pa S.

Available colors:

  • Orange Pink
  • Light-Pink
  • Deep-Pink


Content bottle : 1 KG


TDS – technical data Pro3dure GR 14.1 Denture


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