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Freeprint® Ortho 3D print resin for orthodontic

Light-curing, biocompatible printing resin for 3D printers such as the Asiga models with a light source with wavelength of 385 nmUV & 405 nm The Freeprint Ortho is used for 3D printing of basic parts for orthodontic models and applications such as drilling and X-ray templates. Accurate positioning and mounting of drilling jigs enable safe and secure work with the patient. The Freeprint Ortho from Detax has a very clear material formulation so that the visual control in the work area is clear. The Freeprint Ortho has a breaking strength, elasticity and moisture influence according to the orthodontic standard. The Freeprint Ortho has also been validated for the sterilization processes in autoclaves. The Freeprint Ortho is very resistant to oral conditions and has a neutral smell and taste. Color: clear transparent.

Packaging:  1 kg.
Brand: Detax
Light source: 385 nm UV
Application: ortho applications and
Packaging: 0,5 kg , 1 kg fles



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