Cast 3D Print resin, Freeprint® Cast (385nm/405nm)

Light-curing 3D resin for the DLP and SLA technique.

The Freeprint Cast is a UV curing resin for the casting technique. Burns without residue in the mould, with phosphate-bonded investment. For the generative manufacture of cast objects using precision casting technology. For all LED / UV printers with a light spectrum of 405 nm or a light spectrum of 378-388 nm. Burns without residue in the mold even at large volumes. Embedding is carried out with phosphate-based standard embedding. Low viscous material for low material consumption and faster cleaning of the printed object. High process reliability and precision in construction.

The Freeprint Cast can be used with the 405nm and 385nm UV light source in a package of 500 grams and 1000 grams.

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