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Dental 3D printers

We have various 3D printers for dental applications such as dental laboratoria ortho and prosthetic applications. With the Asiga 3d printers which are complete open material systems, it is possible to use print resins from Detax, Pro3Dure, KeyStone (keyprint), Dreve, Nextdent, Asiga and other manufacturers.

Printing crowns & bridges, drilling jigs, models (full jaw models, implant models, die models etc.), denture, veneers, partial, casting patterns, trays, splints, IBT and permanent Crown and bridges and many other dental applications.

These dental 3D printers are very accurate, reliable and have an open material system. Due to the fast DLP technique, printing is not only very time-saving, but also very efficient. The simple change of materials or the choice of printing with the fast print mode makes it possible to work quickly and flexibly.

Asiga Max – Dental printer for the production of single pieces with high accuracy.

Asiga Pro 4K – Dental printer for the production of large numbers with high accuracy
Asiga Max X – Dental printer for the highest accuracy but small platform. Suitable for wash-ups and K + B.


Brochure Asiga & print resins for dental – download

High accuracy Asiga 3D printers for the production of all kinds of dental applications. The Asiga 3D printers are professional 3D printers with a completely open material system. This makes it possible to print with more than 400 materials.

Asiga 3D printers have the unique and patented SPS technology with which every print layer is monitored again and after which it is anticipated if necessary. This technique ensures a guaranteed quality with every print layer.

With the professional 3D printers for dental, there are no license costs and you get the print (nest) software for free. Why Asiga printers:

• Open material system
possibility to work with more than 300 print materials
• Repeated high print quality
Thanks to the SPS technique, the printer ensures a monitored and repeated print quality.
• Easy and quick change of print materials
Changing print materials quickly and easily can be done in seconds. Simply replace the material resin tray and reselect the material in the software.
• Easy calibration
Easily calibrate the z-axis with the build platform and the SPS encoders in 60 seconds if needed.

Easy placement and installation by Schouten Dental without additional costs, license costs, maintenance contracts or subscriptions.

Brochure download
Asiga Max and Pro4K printers for dental

We deliver all our products daily with our international transport network. This allows us to deliver throughout Europe and beyond. Countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Denmark, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe and further …Country’s like Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and many more.


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