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Freeprint® IBT, 3D print resin for Indirect Bonding

Determine the exact position of the orthodontic brackets and design the indirect bonding tray. Thanks to the flexibility of the printed indirect bonding trays, the orthodontist can easily place all brackets in a single plate session, reducing treatment time.

The Freeprint® IBT ensures that due to the digital design the orthodontic brackets can be placed quickly and precisely. The Freeprint IBT is a light-curing and flexible 3D liquid resin for printing the ortho tray. By using this ortho tray, the placement of the brackets can easily be done in one session. This immediately results in a faster treatment time per patient.

Checking the correct placement and placement of the brackets can also be easily learned, making it easy to extend the use within the practice.The print resin IBT for indirect bonding is biocompatible and has a very high tensile and flexibility so that the simple positioning is possible .

Freeprint IBT is odorless and tasteless. Medical class I.

The Freeprint IBT is available in a bottle of 1,000 grams.

Packaging: 1000 grams
Light source: 385 nm UV
Application: Ortho IBT (Indirect bonding)



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