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SuperWAX V2, melts like real wax.

SuperWAX is a super wax type for directly embedding printed wax patterns in the investment material. The SuperWAS is a 3D print resin for the 3D printing of wax patterns for dental partial and frame work, crown and bridge work, but also for other applications such as jewelry where the wax casting can be applied.

The Super WAX has a higher wax content, resulting in a melt like wax at a melting temperature of 50 °C. With the superWAX you create a super smooth surface without post-processing. With this superWAX you can print with a layer thickness from 25 microns and directly embed it for castings of platinum, gold, silver or other alloys. Light source printer compatibility is 405 nm and 385 UV.

Burn out like everyone is used to with the SuperWAX V2 from Asiga.

Lightsource: 405 nm / 385 UV
MBrand: Asiga
Packaging: 1 liter fles


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