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DentaGUM 1 kg, Asiga

Asiga DentaGUM is a 3D printing fluid for the digital production of a flexible Gingiva mask on an implant model. The DentalGUM is a flexible print material that can be used with model materials such as the Asiga DentaMODEL. The DentaGUM is a liquid for the production of flexible Gingiva (gum) masks. The Gingiva has a soft pink color and flexibility.

Packaging: 1 kg bottle
Light source: 385 nm UV / 405 nm
Packaging: 1000 grams
Brand: Asiga
Color: Pink
Application: Gingiva masks
Application: Dental
Printers: for printers such as Asiga, MiiCraft, Phorzen, Rapidshape, Carbon

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