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Pro3Dure printodent GR-17.1 Temporary LT – Long Term

Pro3Dure Printodent GR-17.1 Temporary LT – Temporary crown & bridge work

Pro3dure’s Printodent GR-17 Series 3D resins are biocompatible materials for the additive manufacturing of temporary crowns, bridges and denture teeth. The Printodent GR-17 is temporarily indicated for temporary restoration in the anterior area. Printodent GR-17.1 temp LT is ideal for long-lasting temporary and denture teeth. Compared to conventional temporary materials with a modulus of elasticity> 5000 MPa (according to ISO 178) and a flexural strength of 120 MPa (according to ISO 4049), it has convincing mechanical properties. The materials are available in tooth colors A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2 and bleach and in two packs (500 g and 1 kg). Both resins are FDA-certified, with the Printodent GR-17.1 temporarily being the world’s first 3D printing resin with two FDA-cleared indications for dentures and temporary restorations.

Packaging of the Pro3dure GR-17.1 Temporary LT is 500 grams & 1 kg.

Brand: Pro3dure
Packaging: 500 gram & 1.000 gram (910 ml)
Application: temporary crowns, bridges and denture teeth
Lightsource: 385 nm UV & 405 nm



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