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Asiga Tips

This post provides an overview of some user tips for Asiga Composer, use of Asiga 3D printers and printing materials. This post is regularly updated with new tips.

Asiga Composer Tips

Change color

Within Asiga Composer, parts of the working field or objects are displayed in different colors. These colors can be changed according to your wishes. This can help with better positioning or overview when working with Asiga composer to prepare the work for the printer.

The photo below is an example of what has changed the background from standard gray to a chosen blue color. Now there is an easier overview of the model that is positioned on the bottom of the (virtual) platform. This helps to work faster and more accurately with Asiga composer.

How do you change the color?

Select Options and then -> Preferences….

In the tables as in the photo you can choose the color per part for the part you want to change.

The text below shows that when a model is not positioned correctly on the build patform, you have this clear with a different color setting. The left model shows a small attachment, model 2 has good attachment and positioning and model 3 is not positioned on the platform.

How can the model be placed on the building platform quickly and easily?

The simple thing is to use the Auto-Place selection button. This icon, which looks like a puzzle piece, opens a program to quickly and easily position the models. When printing directly on the platform, select only the Z-levelling (and thus uncheck the XY-levelling). Choose the distance of the Z-axis at 0.00 mm. This will immediately pull the model downwards. This is only possible for the rightmost model. Model 1, left is too slanted and allows only one piece connection to be obtained.

For the left model we first need to change the position so that it is horizontally aligned with the z-axis. For this we use the Rotate Facet Downwards button. Select this button and position the mouse under the bevel of the model. Note that the model must be selected first. Clicking on this will straighten the model. Visually you can see that the model is straightening. Then follow the above steps with the Auto-Place button.

Asiga Composer Shortcuts

Working with Asiga Composer can be made easier and faster by working with so-called “shortcuts”. These shortcuts have default settings but can also be changed to your own preference. Changing these shortcuts to your liking is easy to set up via the following menu:

Options -> configure shortcuts

Behind each action is a default setting that you can use. In addition to this standard code, you can also define the code yourself. Then click on the code and create your own code.

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