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Some examples of placing Asiga 3D printers with customers.

We regularly receive questions from various people about who or what kind of companies use 3D printers or for which application area the printers are used. Schouten Dental has been on the market for a long time with these 3D techniques within the dental sector. Through this message we give some examples of customers who use the 3D printers from Asiga for the new developments, testing or production of products within the dental sector. In addition to the dental sector, Schouten also supplies the Asiga 3D printers to sectors such as Audiology, the jewelry industry and industries such as production and prototyping.

With the arrival of the Asiga Max en Asiga Pro 4K Schouten Dental has with the Asiga printers a seamless connection with the demand for 3D printers with open material systems, high quality, accuracy, production output and speed. Because the systems are released as standard for 3D print materials such as Detax, Dreve, Nextdent, Pro3dure, Saremco and Keystone with Keyprint Keysplint soft, the Asiga printers offer maximum possibilities for the various applications within the entire dental sector. Below we highlight a user for each discipline within dentistry who uses the Asiga 3D printer within the digital workflow.

Below a few customers are highlighted with the application in which the machines are used. With these examples we show that there are already various disciplines in dentistry where the Asiga printers are used. If you are looking for more references, please do not hesitate to contact us. Applications below with Asiga Printers:

  • Dental models (ortho models, working models, implant models, die models, etc.).
  • Splints
  • Casting patrons / wax up
  • Dentures
  • Nightguards
  • Splints
  • Crown & bridge
  • Temporary
  • (Individual) trays

Ortho Blijdorp

Orthodontist practice Ortho Blijdorp is located in the Blijdorp district in Rotterdam. In addition to a personal approach for patients, orthodontist Alcuin Schulten has the vision to work completely digitally. Ortho Blijdorp uses intra-oral scanners such as the iTero® from 3shape®. With the expansion of the systems Asiga Max, Pro3Dure cleaning and post cure units, Ortho Blijdorp has deployed a fully digital production space with several Asiga Max 3D printers. The printers are mainly used for the digital production of dental models and IBT (Indirect Bonding tray) molds. In addition to the Asiga 3D printers, Schouten Dental also supplies the post curing and washer units and the accompanying 3D printing materials for thermoforming models and IBT molds. Ortho Blijdorp uses several digital workplaces on which the Asiga Composer software systems run.

Authentique TTL

Authentique TTL in located in the town of Vijfhuizen specializes in manufacturing high-quality crown and bridge work using the latest techniques. TTL Authentique uses CAD / CAM systems and software to process the digital oral scanners, the intra oral scanners. After extensive testing of various printers, including the Asiga Max, Authentique has chosen the right addition to digital dentistry with the Asiga Max. This desktop dental 3d printer is mainly used for the production of digital work and implant models and for the production of splints. With the expansion of 3D printing with Asiga printers, TTL Authentique is ready for the future through progressiveness.

M3 Dental Vlaardingen

M3 Dental Technique Vlaardingen is the specialist in crown and bridge work, multiple implant systems and other tools for the dentist. Edwin Tieben of M3 vlaardingen works both digitally and traditionally. With the smart Optics 3D dental scanner Activity 885 with articulator module, exocad software and the Asiga Max for manufacturing casting patrons / wax up, M3 dental has a complete working area.


With two Belgian locations in Hove and Tielen, Pevo specializes in crown and bridge work, repairs and orthodontics, implant work, prostheses and frames, and various products such as denture protectors and bleach scoops. The branches of Pevo are at the forefront of digital techniques, such as various printer systems such as the Asiga Max. With the Asiga Max, not only working models and implant models are printed with the Asiga Dentamodel, but they also strive for the digital production of splints, splints and prostheses, for example.

Excent Dental Group

The Excent group is at the forefront when it comes to innovations in dentistry. With the digitization within the dental sector, the Excent group has also made maximum use of, for example, 3D printing. With, among others, the printers from Asiga, Excent also guarantees the high quality standard with printers such as the Asiga Max. The printer technologies are used for a versatile range of application areas.

Hartevelt Berkel

Dental prosthetician and dental laboratory Berkel is a real family business of the Van Hartevelt family. Van Hartevelt is specialized in full prosthesis, implant-borne prosthesis, partial prosthesis, frame prosthesis repairs and rebasing, kanrsbitjes, mouthguards, (temporary) bridges and crowns and the final permanent crowns. A versatile laboratory which is a forerunner in the field of digitization. Van Hartevelt uses Asiga 3D printers for many dental applications such as the prosthesis, temporary)facilities such as crowns, bridges and complete sprockets, splints and individual bites. Schouten Dental supplies many dental materials and products such as 3D printing fluids for dentistry.

In addition to these Asiga users, there are a number of customers who use the professional dental open system printers such as the Asiga Max and Asiga Pro 4K. If you also want to use 3D printers within your organization and if you have questions about how you can integrate printing into your digital workflow, please contact us. Some other examples of Asiga 3D printer installations that are provided by Schouten Dental:


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