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3D-printers for orthodontic

Create tight aligners, digitize your orthodontic work and models or place brackets perfectly with digital Indirect Bonding Tray IBT.

“Incredible print quality. I have always been able to imagine what this quality should be like. Until I got the Asiga printers I had never seen this quality before. There is no comparison.”

Alex Yusupov,
Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists,
Melbourne, Australia

High volume with the PRO 4K80 UV

Where precision and production speed are desired together. The PRO 4K80 UV is your ideal production 3D printer for rapid production of models for the production of aligners. Print up to 26 models in 50 minutes and speed up the production process of clear aligners.

Open material choice

With the open freedom of material choice, more than 500 materials are within reach. Asiga’s material library allows the files to be downloaded immediately and free of charge.

Many dental brands have different fluids such as Dreve, Nextdent, Detax, Pro3dure, Dentona, Bego, Dentsply Sirona, GC, Kulzer, Saremco, Scheu, Denttca, DMG, HPDent, Kulzer, Keystone, Vovo, Asiga, Graphy, WhipMix and many more more. This means there is a wide choice of liquids for printing models, aligners, IBT Indirect Bonding Tray for easy placement of the brackets.

No more polishing with the UltraGLOSS Tray

With the UltraGLOSS you print directly in clear gel from the 3D printer

With the UltraGLOSS™ resin tray from Asiga you can print clear prints such as aligners, splints and IBT directly in 3D with a glossy / pre-polished surface, which eliminates or virtually eliminates the need for manual polishing. 3D print your dental application with your desired material and Asiga’s new UltraGLOSS™ material tray. The result: a pre-polished finish straight from the 3D printer.

Indirect Bonding Tray - IBT

Place the brackets perfectly by using a placement jig or an In-direct Bonding Tray (IBT). IBTs can be designed in your design program so that brackets are placed exactly where they are needed thanks to digital mapping of the tooth surface and position.

Clear-aligner production

From direct 3D printed aligners to traditional deep draw molded aligners, the choice is there. Contact us for more information about the capabilities of our printers for aligner production.

Intuitive 3D printing software

Asiga Composer is the standard software for automatically setting up print jobs. Includes free software updates.

Which Asiga 3D printer best suits my workflow?

The Asiga MAX UV is a great desktop option for lower volume production requirements. The PRO 4K80 UV is ideal for the production of large quantities, such as aligners. See the production options of both printers below.

Asiga PRO 4K80 UV

High volume dental production printer.

Asiga Max UV

Small size desktop, high output.

Dental Models

Volume: 20-26 models

Print time: 50 minutes @ 100 micron layer thickness

Dental Models

Volume: 6-8 models

Print time: 50 minutes @ 100 micron layer thickness

“The PRO 4K is just incredible. For the larger laboratory that requires higher throughput, this is one of the highest resolution 3D printers in the world.”

Brandon Owen

Orthodontic study models

The first and one of the most important models for the patient is the 3D printed study model. This study model in white made with the Asiga 3D printers.

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