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KeySplint Soft available in the Netherlands now by Schouten Dental / sgdentalshop.com

Schouten Dental has been supplying 3D printers in dentistry for several applications for years. There are  several 3D printers such as the Asiga Max and Asiga Pro 4K at different companies in this sector already. Schouten Dental has installed several 3D printers, such as the Asiga Max and Pro4K and provided training at various dentrue labs, crown and bridge laboratories, orthodontists, dentists, ortho labs, various hospitals for dental restorations and other sectors.

Because the Asiga printer systems have an open material system, it is possible to change materials quickly and easily. The materials may vary by application, color or brand. This makes a wide range of 3D printing fluids important for high-quality restorations. The developments are therefore not standing still. Our starting point at sgdentalshop.com is therefore to work with quality products with added value.

KeySplint Soft from KeyStone Industries is therefore a unique product for the digital production of splint and nightguards materials. The print quality is clear with a light blue glow, not brittle and firm but flexible. The KeySplint Soft has a thermoplastic property, which means that the print can still be adjusted to the correct shape after heating. As a result, there is more wearing comfort for the patient, but also less after-treatment in production.

The KeySplint Soft is biocompatible, durable, break resistant and transparent.


KeySplint Soft in Asiga Composer software:

KeyStone Industries has built a strong reputation for manufacturing innovative high-tech dental products since 1908. With an experience of more than 25 years in polymers and light-curing materials, KeyStone Industries has more than 45 current patents. The organization is FDA and ISO 13485 certified. Since 2018, KeyStone has released the KeyPrint materials that are marketed especially for the dental sector. These 3D printing fluids are produced in North America after an intensive collaboration with printer manufacturers such as Asiga and Carbon. The KeyPrint 3d resins are compatible with DLP printers that have a wavelength of 385-405 nm. In addition to an extensive range of KeyPrint materials, KeyStone is ind. known for its KeyMill products such as the High Impact Denture Base Disc and the Acrylics.

Learn more about KeyPrint materials or dental materials from KeyStone industries. Then visit the websites:


KeySplint Soft by Keystone Industries

Asiga PRO4K Keysplint Soft productie

All our KeyPrint 3D resins such as the KeyPrint KeySplint Soft are also validated for the Asiga PRO 4K 3D printers for dental! The volume, speed and reliability that users get with an Asiga PRO 4K suits these KeyPrint 3d fluids well.

Volume + Speed + Reliability = Asiga PRO 4K80 UV
20 splints in 2 hour! Splints 3D geprint with KeySplint Soft.

Asiga PRO4K Keysplint Soft

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