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Temporary crowns & bridges: Digital or conventional?

Temporary crowns and bridges: digital or conventional?

What is your favorite? We provide the perfect K&B material!
We offer multiple products for digital products such as the cad / cam and 3D print products. Below we highlight a number of 3D liquids for these temporary crowns and bridges.

Freeprint® temp – premium 3D resin or the Pro3dure GR-17 temporary & GR-17.1 temporary It are very popular products for temporary provision by means of additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Freeprint® temp – premium 3D-hars.

The Freeprint Temp va Detax has an exceptional fracture and flexural resistance and high abrasion resistance. The natural dental aesthetics, brilliant, translucent colors are retained just like other products. The Detax Freeprint Temp is characterized by simple surface processing and easy to polish. The Freeprint Temp can be individually characterized with the smartrepair® system or composites.

The material is characterized by its low viscosity for low material consumption and faster cleaning as post processing. Resistant to oral conditions, no odor or taste irritations, medical device Class IIa.

Freeprint Temp is available in colors: A1, A2, A3

Pro3dure GR17 &  GR-17.1 temporary It
Pro3dures GR-17 Series resins are biocompatible materials for the additive digital fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. The GR-17 is temporarily indicated for temporary restoration in the anterior region. GR-17.1 temporary lt has convincing mechanical properties compared to conventional temporary materials with a modulus of elasticity> 5000 MPa (according to ISO 10477: 2003) and a flexural strength of 112 MPa (ISO 4049) and is ideal for long-term temporary restorations. Temporary restorations made of GR-17 temporary and GR-17.1 temporary. It can be fixed with temporary cement.

De GR17 en GR17.1 LT  are available in shades A1, A2 en A3.

GC Temp
GC Temp print is a biocompatible 3D printing fluid for the manufacture of temporary crowns and bridges. The GC Temp Print has been validated for, among others, the dental 3D printer Asiga Max. The Temp print from GC Dental is free of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and has a class IIa classification. The GC Temp print is designed for the DLP printer technique and has excellent mechanical properties and remains stable for a long time thanks to the Dynamic Controlled Rheology.

GC Temp print can be used for temporary crowns and bridges but also for inlays, onlays and vineers.

GC Temp is available in light and dark color.

Tempofit® premium 10:1

High-quality bis-acrylic composite 10: 1, self-curing, for high-quality temporary crowns and bridges and temporary temporary facilities. Natural dental aesthetics, brilliant translucent shades, even in changing lighting conditions.

Extremely break-resistant, highest bending and abrasion resistance. With a defined elastic phase, safe removal of temporary parts, minimum curing temperature. Grinds and polishes extremely well. Neutral in taste and absolutely color stable during the entire wearing time. Direct application in the Automix2 system. Medical device Cl. IIa

Tempofit® premium is available in the following shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5

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