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Smart Positioning Technology (SPS) – Asiga 3D printers

The Asiga 3D printers are known for their easy integration within dental digitization, the open material system and also the layer stability through the unique SPS, Smart Positioning Technology. In this message we briefly explain what this unique but also very important technique means.

The Smart Positioning System (SPS) has been developed with various position encoders that read the exact position of the build platform during each layer approach. This means that with every layer that the printer builds up in advance, the curing process of that layer passes on the position to the software. The software then ensures that this next layer is only exposed to the UV lamp once the desired position has been reached.

If this position is not reached, a correction will take place because the hardware receives this control. This technique repeats itself, layer by layer! The structure of each layer is therefore with a stable structure in the desired layer thickness.


Internal radiometer
An internal radiometer provides an active and stable LED intensity during each layer build-up and ensures the correct amount of UV exposure with each layer.

High power UV 385nm LED
To print crystal clear materials and many of the leading developed dental and medical materials, a UV 385nm LED is required.

Small pixel and precise pixel placement on the platform
Pixel size and pixel placement are important for accurately reproducing digital designs and getting an accurate fit.
Small pixel sizes are critical for dentistry and we recommend between 47 – 80 µm depending on the application.

Accurate material curing
With the “open material system” any suitable material can be printed, provided that a good .ini has been developed by the manufacturer. Many dental and medical material suppliers develop materials for Asiga Printers.

If you would like to know more about the Smart Positioning Technology (SPS), other unique features of the Asiga 3D Printers or if you want to start printing, please contact us.

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