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New product launch Asiga

Asiga product launch 2024!

Asiga is launching the following new systems for an even better and optimized workflow within your practice or organization:

  • Asiga Max 2
  • Asiga Ultra
  • Asiga Wash & Cure

Asiga Max 2

The updated  Asiga Max 2 is a further developed Asiga Max 1. This Asiga Max 2 gets a new appearance due to the updated user interface control panel, a new heat source through. infrared heating for faster and more optimal temperature control, transparent mode and a new design.

The Asiga 3D printer resembles the Asiga Max 1 with the same patform and calibration mechanism. The built tray, resin trays are the same for both the Asiga Max 1 and the Asiga Max 2. The universal trays, low force trays and Ultragloss trays can be used for both systems.

Asiga Max 2

  • Active Layer Monitoring system / SPS
  • Internal Radiometer
  • Renewed Award-winning design
  • Improved and additional infrared heat elements
  • Transparent mode
  • New user interface
  • Renewed control panel


Say hello to the Asiga ULTRA.

The e Asiga Ultra is a completely new 3D printer for both practice and the laboratory. The Ultra has an award-winning design for, among other things, its user-friendliness and user experience in additive manufacturing.

Ultra 50 – larger build volume than the Asiga Max and more accurate than the Pro4K and the Asiga Max.

Ultra 32 – higher accuracy but smaller platform. Where accuracy is required.

  • Active Layer Monitoring
    Use of SPS technology for the active layer monitoring system.
  • 4K DLP Projector
    Most accurate DLP projector currently available on the market.
  • Auto Calibrating UV LED
    The integrated radiometer monitors the light intensity during the printing process for optimal performance.
  • Infrared material heating
    Advanced materials can now be heated by infrared heating elements up to 70 C. These are controlled and heated from below.
  • Print room heating
    Print chamber heating for optimal process stability.
  • Transparent mode
    Crystal clear printing with extreme precision in the new and patented transparent mode. For more accurate but also more stable and simpler prints.
  • Hands-free / contactless opening and closing.
    The hood can open and close automatically by moving your hand along the sensor. No more dirty fingers on the housing.
  • Magnetic build platform
    The magnetic building platform can be hung back immediately and is positioned automatically. No more turning knobs needed to secure the platform. It is attracted and positioned electromagnetically. Also simplicity in calibration.
  • Quick and easy material changes.
    Like the Asiga pro4K, you can easily secure the Asiga Ultra Endurance or UltraGloss material container with a sliding mechanism.
  • Intuitive, clear and simple operation.
  • Open Material System
    Now more than 500 materials available for printing with the Asiga 3D printers from various dental brands.

Asiga Ultra comes with:

  • 3D printer Asiga Ultra 32 or 50
  • Asiga Composer Nesting software
  • 1L Asiga material
  • Buil Tray Endurance 2L
  • Asiga Flash
  • Lifetime Asiga Support immediately
  • 12 months warranty
  • Introduction training

Asiga Wash & Cure

Available later in 2024! Expected 2nd and 3rd quarter.

Expected: User interface based on the Asiga Max 2 and Asiga Ultra. Operation in software, contactless, same design, simple operation.

Expected: User interface based on the Asiga Max 2 and Asiga Ultra. Operation in software, contactless, same design, simple operation.

Delivery Q2 / Q3

Asiga Wash

  • 8 liter
  • 155 x 244 x 200 mm inside size
  • 360 x 330 x 310 mm system size

Asiga Cure

  • 1,5 liter contents
  • 132 x 188 x 59 mm inside
  • 360 x 330 x 240mm system size

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