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Asiga Pro 4K dental 3D printer for production.

Continuity, accuracy, repeatability and material flexibility are the core values for the development of the Asiga 3D printers. These are no different in the development of the Asiga Pro 4K .

The Asiga PRO 4K is built with the same technology as the very popular and proven Asiga Max  but with a much larger production output thanks to the super large format build platform. The Asiga machines use robust materials for robust engineering.

PRO 4K 65
Build size: 176 x 99 x 200mm
4K modus pixel size: 46µm (46 microns)
Native modus pixel size: 65µm (65 microns)

PRO 4K 80
Build size: 217 x 122 x 200mm
4K modus pixel size: 56µm (56 microns)
Native modus pixel size: 56µm (56 microns)

Asiga PRO 4K has the following main features:

Asiga SPS Technology
Asiga’s  Smart Positioning System (SPS ™)  detects the actual position of the build platform to ensure accurate layering at every layer.

4K modus PRO

The Asiga PRO 4K contains a special pixel shift technology to increase the accuracy and area of ​​the print definition without affecting the print time.

4K mode is a standard feature on every PRO 4K and is used as the default setting. Native mode is also available and widely used for scientific applications requiring deterministic pixel behavior.

3 X bigger build platform than Asiga Max
The Asiga Pro 4K has a 3 x larger print volume than the other Asiga desktop printers.

Open material system
More than 400 materials from leading manufacturers have already been validated for the Asiga 3d printers. No printer system in the world has a choice like this.

Print speed  —> 60 mm per hour
The prince speed of up to 60 mm per hour is achieved with the Asiga Pro 4K. The first users are already printing 54 total dental arch models in less than 4 hours with the stacking function. Fully adjustable layer thicknesses according to your wishes for your application.

fastest material change
Change materials for different applications in seconds without having to calibrate. Models, spoons, K + B, Prosthesis, splints and more.

Krachtige UV-LED projector
Keuze uit een 365nm, 385nm of 405nm LED-opties die beschikbaar zijn voor de verschillende toepassingen. Het LED-vermogen wordt actief gecontroleerd door een geïntegreerde radiometer voor automatische en geoptimaliseerde aanpassing van de belichting. Dit genereert een gegarandeerde nauwkeurige materiaal uitharding.

Touchscreen control panel
Operation via a further developed touchscreen control panel. The transfer of files can be done via WiFi, directly via ethernet cable and via ethernet cable on a network for control from multiple digital workstations.

Robust technology and materials
Voor stabiliteit op lange termijn en gebruik in de diverse productie omgevingen wordt er gebruikt gemaakt van robuuste materialen en technieken.


incl. the best printing material Asiga DentaMODEL.

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Asiga PRO 4K80 UV printing dental models

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