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The accessories are consumables and systems for working with 3D printing. This includes the material bins for the Asiga printers, post curing units of the Otoflash (G171), but also the emergency power supplies of Riello UPS.

3D printing as part of a digital workflow also includes accessories. With this additive manufacturing technique there are various consumables such as material trays (resin tray) for the Asiga Max, Pro 4K and Asiga Max X.

After the materials come out of liquid printers, the printed products must be washed and cured. Systems such as washers and post cure units cannot be missed. Many materials have been validated for certification on the basis of Otoflash G171 (with N2).

Prevent production outages in the event of a power outage with the emergency power solution Riello UPSs. These systems not only filter peak voltages, which prevents any power damage, but also ensure that there is no failure of the systems and therefore finishes production during a power dip.

Accessories for additive manufacturing solutions such as 3D printing with the fluid (DLP / SLA) systems. Solutions and systems for post processing such as washers and post curing units.

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