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Print dental applications with Asiga 3D printers

The 3D printers from Asiga such as the Asiga Max, Max X and Pro 4K are very flexible in making choices for a print job in biocompatible or a lab resin through the “open material” system. The choice for a specific application to be printed or the choice for a specific brand of liquid based on the results, color or properties are no obstacles with these dental 3d printers.


The 3D printing resins are specially developed for the dental industry and can be used for a wide variety of applications including various models, surgical aids such as drilling templates, wax cartridges for embedding and casting, various orthodontic applications, Dental prosthetic applications such as prosthetic fluids base and elements but also the occlusal splints. With the digital dental revolution, 3D printing really offers improved quality, efficiency and profitability.

For these applications, more than 400 materials are already available for Asiga’s 3D printers. Schouten Dental now supplies liquids for all applications in various packaging, colors, properties and brands. The range is now complete and with a wide choice for the different applications. We work with liquids from Asiga, Detax, among others. Pro3dure and KeyStone KeyPrint.










Liquids for digital production by means of 3D printing of splints are often done with liquids from KeyStone, KeyPrint KeySplint Soft and Hard. In addition to the materials from KeyStone, there are also transparent Splint liquids from Detax, the Freeprint Splint en Ortho.








TRAY – 3D printing fluid for the production of spoons.

There are several variants available for printing spoons. The spoon of liquids therefore distinguishes you directly on the basis of color. Very recognizable the colors purple for Keystone KeyTray, green for the Detax freeprint Tray and the orange color for the Pro3Dure GR-11 Tray. In addition to these colors, there is a difference in material properties such as the stretch where the KeyTray has more stretch up to 24%. Also with the Hardness of Shore D 85, KeyTray is a bit harder than the other variants. All variants are certified according to medical Class 1 (Class I) for oral use.

Model – Model fluids for printing various models.

The model fluids are used for different models within dentistry and dental technology. The accuracy depends on the printing strategy developed by the supplier such as the Asiga Ini files, the viscosity, the printer techniques and the advanced printer technique in combination with the material properties and placement on the platform. At the moment, the Asiga DentaModel almond is the most popular print material in the Netherlands but also worldwide. The beautiful surface structure and the liquid developed with Asiga 3D printer is accurate in print quality while maintaining the printer speed, which is therefore widely used for the various stump models, implant models but also for various orthodontic models. The Asiga PlasGray is the gray variant of the Asiga denta model. In addition to Asiga, manufacturers such as KeyStone, Detax and Pro3Dure also have various model liquids in different colors. Take the Keystone Ultra for example for fast production of digital models (100 microns) at a very competitive price. Detax also has an extensive range of liquid models, with the Detax Model 2.0 available in various colors. The colors of Detaz are available in the sand color, light gray, caramel, gray and white. Pro3Dure GR 13 and 13.1 are beige and cream in color.


Denture – Fluid for the manufacture of a prosthesis base using the 3D printer technique.

The printer resins for making the denture base are available with the brands Detax and Pro3Dure. At the moment the Pro3Dure GR 14.1 is the most popular printing liquid for the manufacture of the denture base due to the color choice available in 3 colors. Detax Denture is available in 1 base color. The Gr14.1 is available in Deep-Pink, Light-Pink and Orange-Pink. The Orange Pink is a nice soft and light pink color that comes closest to the average casting liquids.









Temporary – 3D printing resin for the manufacture of temporary and long term elements.

With the products of Detax Temp, GC Temp print and Pro3dure GR 17 and GR 17.1 LT, there is a wide choice for making (temporary) crown & bridge work or prosthetic elements. There are now many colors available such as the basic colors A1, A2, A3, A3,5, B1, B2 and Bleach. The GC variant has only two colors Light and dark. The teeth can also be perfectly placed on the printed denture base. To get a nice aesthetic look you can fully color the Temp materials with the GC stain and Glaze Optiglaze © color package.







Gingiva – 3D printing of flexible gum masks.

The demand for printing the flexible gum gingival mask is increasing. Ideal when it comes to efficiency and speed. Changing material with printers from Asiga is therefore done in no time. The gingival masks are usually printed with the Detax Gingiva, Pro3dure GR-15 Gingiva or with the Asiga DentaGUM soft tissue. All materials have been validated on various printers such as the Asiga 3D printers. Depending on the after-treatment such as cleaning and curing, Detax soft tissue is slightly harder than the Asiga DentaGUM.


Casting Materials – Wash and cast materials for embedding casting patterns.

There are many different printing fluids for printing mold designs. The 4 brands such as Keystone, Asiga, Detax and Pro3dure have different casting materials for applications such as frames and K + B. The easiest materials are the new Asiga Cast X, Freeprint Cast 2.0 and KeyCast. In addition to easy printing, the Asiga SuperWax is a beautiful resin with a high wax content and very low plastic content, making it difficult to print due to the temperature, but it is very nicely meltable and burnable without leaving any residue. The SuperCast X can be compared with this, however, it is easier to print. The DentaCast is a great material for making frames.

TRY-IN – 3D resin for try-in of digitally manufactured denture bases.

With the Asiga DentaTRY (not yet certified) and Pro3dure GR-21 TRY-IN fluids are biocompatible and thus a medical Class 1 denture bases with individual tooth setup in order to check bite registration and occlusion. With GR-21 Try-In, dental designs such as denture bases with individual tooth arrangement can be generated generatively to perform a functional try-in to check bite registration and occlusion. The material is available in tooth colors A1, A2 and A3.

IBT – Liquid for Indirect Bonding Trays

De IBT resins of Pro3dure GR-18 IB, Detax IBT and KeyOrto IBT are bio-compatible printing resins for 3D printing the orthodontic Indirect Bonding trays. These printed molds are flexible and rubber-like in property, transparent and with a high tear resistance. Placing the orthodontic materials such as various brackets in one go is therefore much more efficient.


For questions about 3D printing materials or questions about our Asiga 3D printers for dental application, or do you also want to start or expand 3D printing in your practice? Then contact us. We have now installed many Asiga printers and many companies print with our materials. We have some examples of installations online. More references on request.

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