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VeriWhirl – Whipmix washer

The Whipmix VeriWhirl is a washer for double cleaning of 3D prints. This cleaning station is an ideal machine for the post-processing process in 3D printing of dental models, spoons, splints, crown and bridgework and other applications. The VeriWhirl has an oscillating stirrer that produces multiple speeds every 60 seconds and a tornado-like vortex, ensuring an efficient, effective and powerful cleaning within 3 minutes.

So this VeriWhirl two stage station has two alcohol baths which is an effective two-step wash system. As a result, it cleans the 3D printed models more efficiently and less alcohol is needed because the alcohol is used both for a fresh bath and for reuse as a dirty bath.

The intelligent design of the unit provides functions such as mode, time and start/stop buttons, giving full and automatic control over the cleaning process. A removable mesh basket used in the laundry container makes it easy to dip small printed models in the alcohol and keep them while cleaning.

Technical specifications:

System size:  22.5 x 22.5 x 33 cm
Tank Volume content: 2 liters per tank
Power: 48W
Supply Voltage: 100/240V
Timer:  3, 5, 10 minutes


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