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Cleaner device, Pro3dure CLD-1

The CLD-1 from Pro3dure is a cleaning device for the optimized production process with 3d printing within the laboratory. In contrast to conventional ultrasonic baths, this washer generates a swirl of the cleaning agent for medical devices.

The use of the CLD-1 as a cleaning system for the 3d printed models reduces micro-cracks in the surface, significantly improving the quality, surface finish, technical properties such as strength, appearance and plaque.

Various cleaning programs can be selected and programmed and tailored to the materials used, cleaning agent (such as the CL-1) and applications. Replacing the cleaning material can be done quickly and easily.

The CLD-1 is operated with a beautiful touchscreen and in addition, the CLD-1 communicates via WIFI with the pro3dure CD-2. This way you always have control over the entire production of your prints and forgotten parts in the cleaning bath are a thing of the past.

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