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Asiga Ultra, desktop dental printer large size

The Asiga Ultra is the latest printer for the digital production of dental, prosthetic, orthodontic and dental pieces. The latest Asiga 3D printer Ultra has a new user-friendly interface for quick and easy operation.

The Ultra is used for printing dental models such as implant models, loose stump models and removable stump models, but also study models and orthodontic models. In addition to printing models, the printer is also suitable for printing spoons and denture bases, but also for splints, splints and sports protectors, thanks to the construction volume of 192 x 108 x 145 mm.

The Asiga Ultra is available in two variants, the Ultra 32 and the Ultra 50. This number directly represents the pixel size of 32 µm and 50 µm. Thanks to this very accurate pixel size, printing crowns and bridges is very suitable for both temporary and permanent facilities.

The Asiga Ultra is a very suitable printer for dental applications thanks to its open system, construction volume and precision. This excels in a variety of applications.

Just like the  Asiga Pro 4K, the Asiga Max  and the Asiga Max 2, the Asiga Ultra also has SPS technologie. A control system for each printing layer for consistent quality and reliability. The Asiga Ultra is also a 100% open material system, so you can also print other material brands such as Dreve, NextDent, Saremco, Detax, Pro3dure, Keystone and 500 other materials with the ini files.

Brand: Asiga
Type: Ultra
Machine type: Desktop
Light source: 385 nm UV 4K DLP, (also available as 405 nm)

Asiga Ultra50
Size X, Y, Z – Ultra 50: 192 x 108 x 145 mm
Resolution/Pixel size X, Y: 50 µm

Asiga Ultra32
Size X, Y, Z – Ultra 32: 121 x 68 x 145 mm
Resolution/Pixel size X, Y: 32 µm


Printer  opbouw Ultra 32 & Asiga Ultra 50:



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Asiga Ultra 3D printer - Large size accuracy desktop

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