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BB Cleaner “XL” – washer for 3D prints

The BB Cleaner XL is the large version of the BB Cleaner. Just like the other BB cleaner, this XL version is compact, sleek in design and easy to use due to the removable basket. This cleaner ensures a good swirling effect in the machine for an ideal cleaning of several 3D prints at the same time.

The Cleaner XL has a drain tap for easy replacement of the Isopropyl / Isopropanol Alcohol or cleaning liquid.

The BB Cleaners and Post cure devices have WiFi and an app to read the status of the cleaning processes.

Also available in the BB Cleaner(small).

External dimensions: 622x650xh390mm
Washing tank dimensions: 335x335xh250mm
Washing mode: basket or platform
Liquid capacity: 40lt
Programs: Strong – medium – delicate
Interface: 3.5′ TFT touch screen
Controls: auto off
Movement: motor brushless
Power supply: external
Power requirements: 100-230V 0.3A 50-60Hz

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