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UPS Riello SEP 3000 emergency power system for e.g. 3D printen

By producing during power failure! 

Power outages can now cause considerable problems with digitization. We have various Riello UPS Systems for digital production or working with scanners, design software, milling machines but also 3D printers. Riello is a European producer and is one of the largest global players in emergency power systems. We have mapped a number of Riello systems that are suitable for working with the Asiga 3D printer machines. Featured a number of systems for the Asiga Max and Asiga Pro 4K.

Featured the Riello SEP Sentinel Pro. The UPS is very efficient. SENTINEL PRO is designed to save energy and has a shutdown button that reduces energy consumption to zero when no load is connected or turned off. Sentinel Pro models include type SEP700 (700VA), SEP1000 (1000VA), SEP1500 (1500VA), SEP2200 (2200VA) and SEP 3000 (3000VA). The Riello SEP 3000 or SEP 3000 with extra battery pack as extra battery capacity is the ideal solution for ao 3D printer, computer and software installations, which not only offers good protection against peak voltages, but also a solution as a backup system. You often see the Riello SEP systems in professional server rooms.

Capacity with Asiga Max and Asiga 4K 3D printers

Advice for printing through during power failure:

  • SEP 3000 – 3000VA

Asiga Max – at 100% battery capacity – <160 minutes printing
Asiga Pro4K – at 100% battery capacity – <100 minutes printing

  • SEP 3000 – 3000VA  + extra battery pack 72A3

Asiga Max – at 100% battery capacity – <300 minutes printing
Asiga Pro4K – at 100% battery capacity – <200 minutes printing

Riello SEP 3000 is an easy to integrate system available in the following models:

  • SEP 700 – 800VA
  • SEP 1000 – 1100VA
  • SEP 1500 – 1500VA
  • SEP 2200 – 2200VA
  • SEP 3000 – 3000VA

Input voltage: 220 – 240 V.
Voltage tolerance: 230 V +/- 20%
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz automatic selection
Number of input phases: 1
Output voltage: 230… 230 V.
Output frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Waveform: Sinusoidal
Number of outgoing phases: 1

Battery type: VRLA AGM maintenance-free lead based
Charging time: 2-4 hours
Auto power off function: Yes
Number of outputs: 4 IEC 320 C13 (VST 800 / VST1100) / 6 IEC 320 C13 (VST 1500 / VST 2000)

SEP 3000
Active output power: 2700 W.
Apparent output power: 3000 VA
Dimensions: 190 x 446 x 333
Weight 15 kg net

More detailed information and other systems:

Uitgebreidere informatie over de Riello VST systemen en overige modellen

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