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UltraGLOSS Build Tray, Pro 4K, 2 Liter

The UltraGLOSS from Asiga Pro 4K is a resin Tray 2 Liter for printing transparent materials with a glossy and pre-polished surface finish with the Asiga Pro 4K and Pro 4K XL printers. This UltraGLOSS has been developed for transparent materials such as splint materials that can be printed glossy immediately, so that no polishing is required. This saves an enormous amount of time in the finishing of each splint.

Working with the Asiga UltraGLOSS resin trays requires a slightly different approach. Download a new version of the Asiga Composer to be able to select the material bin “UltraGLOSS TRAY” , use the latest firmware version and certain orientation on the platform. The post-processing before the material has hardened must be a little more careful. Visit the blog:

Working with the Asiga UltraGLOSS building tray

The UltraGLOSS is suitable for all Asiga Max 3D printer models such as the Pro 4K and Pro4k XL, but also with a smaller container the Max, Max X and Max Mini. This resin tray is suitable for printing 2 liters of material.

In addition to the UltraGLOSS trays, Universal and Low Force trays are also available from us.

Brand: Asiga
Type: UltraGLOSS Build Tray 2L
Suitable for: Pro 4K and Pro 4K XL
Application: Material tray for glossy and pre-polished transparent materials
Content: 2 litres
Packed: single, per piece

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