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Articulation Plaster 3 min, Synthetic, SP2, Type 3

This articulation plaster is specifically used for models in the articulator. In addition, the articulation plaster 3 minutes synthetic can also be perfectly used on a milling base. The extremely low expansion together with the purity and thus the consistency of the material ensure this. Synthetic gypsum species have a high constant quality due to the regular crystals, a very low expansion, a high hardness and are homogeneous in structure. These pure gypsum types have a purity percentage of 98-99.5%. When you mix this plaster according to the recommended mixing ratio of 100 grams to 30 ml water, this plaster will have a processing time of approx. 1.5 minutes with a setting time of 3 minutes.

Weight: 25 kg
Application: Artikulator, Milling base
Plaster type: Synthesis
Mixing ratio: 100gr: 30ml
Processing time (approx.): 1.5 min.
Drying time (approx.): 3 min.
Expansion after 2 hours: 0.04%
Expansion after 24 hours: 0.03%
Hardness (HB) after 2 hours: 50
Hardness (HB) after 24 hours: 60
Colour: White

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