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Duradur Class 3 Hard Plaster (var. colours)

This hard plaster is used as model plaster for making a first print. In addition, the Duradur is often used in prosthetic models and counterbite models. The plaster is characterized by its high compressive strength and high hardness. A very fine structure provides a nice smooth and creamy plaster during processing. If you mix this dental plaster according to the recommended mixing ratio of 100 grams to 30-32 ml water, this plaster will have a processing time of approx. 5 minutes with a setting time of 12 minutes. The Duradur series includes Type 3 nature hardgps in different colors. The very white color is obtained by using a better quality raw material. The intense colors of Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow are achieved through additional coloring. The Duradur plaster can deliver Schouten in bags of 4.5 kg, 12.5 kg or 25 kg

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