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Sockel plaster FL, white, Stone class 4

This Sockelplaster FL is a hard Class 4 stone plaster  which is composed for the manufacture of sockel for various model systems. Due to the low expansion of this liquid synthetic plaster, it is very suitable for making feet for pin systems, among other things. With a mixing ratio of 100 grams to 23 milliliters of water, you obtain a processing time of 5 minutes with a setting time of 9 minutes. This Pedestal Dent is available in a package of 25 kg.

Weight: 25 kg
Application: Final models, plastic prosthetics, baseplaster
Type of plaster: Synthesis
Mixing ratio: 100gr : 23ml
Processing time (approx.): 5 min.
Setting time (approx.): 9 min.
Expansion after 2 hours: 0.08%
Expansion after 24 hours: 0.08%
Hardness (HB) after 2 hours: 130
Hardness (HB) after 24 hours: 170
Colour: White

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