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Marmoplast N/Hinriplast N Super Hard Stone Type 4

The Marmoplast N is a fine flowing, resin reinforced super hard stone specially for models that have to meet the highest requirements of the dental technique. The plaster is characterized by its extremely smooth surfaces and the exceptional edge stability. Use the Marmoplast N for dental arches, stump models, sectioned models, control models and master models for crown and bridge work and partial denture technics. Thanks to the newly developed plastic additives that have been processed in the Marmoplast N, a significantly longer shelf life is also achieved. The Marmoplast N is identic to the Hinriplast N super hard stone. These stones are fabricated Schouten Dental supplies you with the Marmoplast N in the colours golden brown, ivory and pearl-grey in packages of 4.5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg.

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