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Normal Hard White, Class II, Alabaster plaster, Nature

Normal Hard is an alabaster plaster for use in a dental laboratory when molding models and bases. This plaster is suitable for both Study models and Situation and Diagnostic models. Use this plaster if you attach importance to high quality with minimal expansion. This plaster contains a proportion of hard stone with a long setting time.


Weight: 25 kg
Application: Inbedgips (cuvettengips), Reparaties, Werkmodellen
Type plaster: Nature
Mix Ratio: 100gr : 50ml
Working Time(ca.): 8 min.
Set time(ca.): 20 min.
Expansion after 2 hr: 0,20%
Expansion after 24 hr: 0,18%
Hardness(HB) after 2 hr: 30
Hardness (HB) after 24 hr: 40
Color: White

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