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Gilplast Ivory Super Hard Stone Type 4

This synthetic Super Hard Stone could be classified as a class 4 dental gypsum and has the specific feature that the viscosity can easily be adjusted by means of the mixing ratio. Use this gypsum to make dental arches, stumps and control models for frames and crown and bridge technology. With this gypsum you are assured of extremely hard and form stable models. You will notice that breakage and splintering will occur less quickly when cutting and sawing this gypsum. Boosting is possible throughout the processing time. During the production a very fine plastic powder was added to this gypsum, which improved the properties. The recommended mixing ratio is between 18-20 ml water and 100 grams powder, depending on the desired viscosity. With this you will have a processing time of 8-10 minutes and a binding time of about 17 minutes. Schouten Dental supplies this gypsum in the color ivory in packages of 4.5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg.

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