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Kneadable silicone putty, Shore A 90, Denstalsil Double 90

The Denatalsil Double 90 is a kneadable two component silicone with a greatly increased final setting a Shore A hardness> 90 hardness after 24 hours. The mixing ratio is 1: 1 (component A + component B) and these silicone putty has an extremely low shrinkage <0.01%. With an optimal processing and hardening, the Dentalsil Double reproduces with exact details. The hardened silicone mass is easily cut and resistant to inorganic chemicals. Excellent mechanical properties after curing.


Set 3 kg, 2 x 1.5 KG Dentalsil double 90 (1: 1)
Set 10 kg, 2 x 5,0 KG Dentalsil double 90 (1: 1)

The Dentalsil Double is also available in a softer version, Shore A 80 (green).

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