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Starterset duplicating and investing techniques

The patented flaskless duplication system from siladent is available as a starterset. Thje siladent flaskless duplicating system to allow a economical duplicating and investing for the production of partial frameworks. Save up to 60% dental silicone material. The starter set contains all necessary products for the flaskless duplicating system.


  • 1 x set 2kg (2 x 1 kg) Dentalsil speed
  • 1 x 40 m adhesive duplicating tape
  • 3 x Stabilizer Size 2
  • 1 x Fixation device
  •  1 x 250 ml dentalsol
  • 1 x 25 m disposable ring tape

Using the cuvetteless duplication technique


Het cuvetteloze dupliceertechniek proces


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