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Detax Blue Eco Stone putty, Shore A 96

The Detax Blue Eco stone putty is the hard version of the Blue eco putty. The blue eco Stone lab putty has a hardness of approximately Shore A 96. The Blue Eco putties from Detax are based on the Addition base (A-silicone) and have a mixing ratio of 1:1.

The Blue Eco putty is known for its high definition combined with its high viscosity, smooth initial consistency. This kneadable silicone putty is dimensionally stable, exceptionally smooth and has a heat resistance of 200 °C.

Extra high final hardness, approx. 96 Shore A, for versatile use (production of prefabs, control bites, models for denture repairs, blocking out, etc.), very economical, easy to cut.

Brand: Detax
Type: Hard putty knead silicone
Color mixed: dark blue
Color: Basic dark blue, Catalyst white
Mixing ratio: 1:1


Set 1.6kg (800A + 800B)
Item no.: 03117

Set 2.8 kg (1400 gr. A + 1400 gr. B)
Item no.: 02517

Set 10 kg (5 kg A + 5 kg B)
Item no.: 02985

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